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adidas zx 1000 krusty burger
« on: June 09, 2021, 03:17:18 AM »

The ZX line changed the world of athletic footwear forever when it was introduced back in 1984. The original A-ZX series of 2008 features some of the most sought after shoes in existence and is known for being one of the best series of shoes ever. A-ZX is a series of 26 tributes to the classic adidas running franchise. These shoes represent the letter R with a retro design. adidas dialled it all the way back with the first-ever re-release of the ZX 1000 from the late '80s. A mix of nylon and synthetic suede push the vintage style to the max.

Perfect for those nights where you have to thoroughly distract yourself from watching a slideshow of your in-laws’ vacation, the “Flaming Homer” was adidas sneakers womens white invented by the patriarchal hero himself after noticing his fridge was bone-dry of Duffs. This unhinged concoction, with a final touch of children’s cough medicine and an inadvertent flambé, turns out to be among his greatest personal achievements of the entire series as his dire need for impairment revealed an alchemic touch in unwitting mixology.

Being the generous friend that he is, Homer lent his recipe to close pal and watering hole adidas zx 1000 krusty burger purveyor Moe Szylack as his business was ailing due to poor beer sales. Moe did him dirty by stealing the recipe, pushing off the cocktail as his own “Flaming Moe” creation, hiding the secret ingredient to hoard the success, and simultaneously transforming the lowly Moe’s Tavern into Springfield’s hippest destination for libations.

Just as he’s about to sign a lucrative deal with a corporate magnate in the alcohol/beverage industry,  Homer understandably grows mad at his backstabbing Hot Sale pal’s unwarranted success and derails the entire operation by revealing the secret ingredient to a packed house. The Simpsons, regularly referencing classic films and moments in historical cultural, alludes to The Phantom Of The Opera as Homer partly hid his face with a bath robe.