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Ban Appeal Information
« on: November 18, 2020, 11:32:03 PM »
Ban appeals are suppose to be responded to within 2 weeks, but some leniency is given to administrators that are busy with other tasks or are on a leave of absence from the staff team. If a ban appeal has not been responded to in 2 weeks, you may contact a member of Staff Management to make sure the appeal is handled.


The ban appeal section is used for:

  • In-Game Bans
  • Discord bans
  • Forum and community bans (another community member can request for the banned player to be temporarily unbanned from the forums to make the appeal).

    The above punishments should only be appealed on the forums.


    Please use the below format when appealing bans. The handling staff member may refuse to take edited evidence into consideration, so please do your best to present unedited evidence when appealing.

Code: [Select]
Banning Admin:
Date of ban:
Ban reason: