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Create an operating system
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Create an operating system
An operating system can be created by the following steps: Learn the programming language that will be used to program the system, such as: Basic and Pascal, the most famous of which is C, and it is important to use the Assembly Language to create an operating system.

This is because some parts and during the programming of the operating system require their use, unlike the C ++ language that contains keywords and you also need a fully-built operating system to use them. Large parts of Windows 98 were written in C ++.

Using a compiler to translate the operating system written in C or C ++ by reading the manual for the language that has been chosen, and the programmer must have a comprehensive knowledge of the compiler, as well as there are many things that the programmer must master, such as the chipping scheme and the binary application interface in a language C ++, and knowledge of the executable formats well (ELF, PE, COFF, plain binary), and that the (.exe) format is subject to intellectual property protection law.

Choose the type of media to be loaded on the operating system, which includes CD drives, DVD drives, hard drives, Flash drives, or any other computer device.

Determine the main idea that will be based on the operating system, such as (Windows) that works on the idea of a simple user interface and high protection. Determining the appropriate processor interface that the operating system will support, and among the most popular processors in this field are ARM, x86_64, and IA-32 developed by (Intel), which is used to this day.

Choosing the appropriate method of building the operating system, where it is possible to start building a new operating system from scratch, and the system can also be built if there is a kernel (foundation) to build on, such as the open source (Linux) system, which is considered one of the most important operating systems due to its ability to be modified and developed.

Determine whether to use an existing pre-created boot-loader such as: (GRUB), or the special bootloader (Own boot-loader) which must know the hardware components of the computer when using it.

Defining an application programming interface (API), and one of the most famous of these interfaces is the (POSIX) interface that partially supports Linux systems, and is characterized by having well-documented support documents.

Choosing the method of designing the system, and there are two types of designs: Monolithic kernels, which place all services in the kernel so they are faster, and micro kernels that integrate a small kernel with the user to implement services, and deal with every error on Its sharpness is therefore the best and most reliable.

Maintain a backup copy to avoid losing the system in the event of a breakdown of the computer or in the event of a malfunction of the operating system that is being developed.

Testing the operating system in a virtual environment instead of restarting the computer every time the system is modified. The default environment can be used to run the system while keeping the current operating system running, such as (VMWare), (Microsoft Virtual PC) and (Oracle VirtualBox).

Issuing a trial version for users, so that this allows discovering possible errors and modifying them. It is also preferred that the operating system be easy to use for the user.

Not to completely delete the hard disk, because this may lead to the complete deletion of the data, so it is preferable to use a bootloader program such as (GRUB) to run the special operating system with any other operating system that is developed.

Gradual work and start with small things, such as displaying texts, then moving to memory management, multitasking, and so on.

Define an operating system
It is a program that controls and manages the hardware and software on a computer.

All computers and similar devices must have an operating system such as smart phones, laptops, smart watches, and routers

Examples of operating systems
Laptops and tablets work on versions of operating systems, the most important of which are: Microsoft Windows in all versions, Apple's macOS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and the open source Linux operating system.

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