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Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems- Global Transport Data ManagementCooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)- Global transport data management (GTDM) framework (ISO/TS 21184:2021) CEN ISO/TS 21184:2021
International standards for transport systems can be global, or extremely specific. This document is specific to a particular category. It explains both particular technology and the specific processes. This document describes the global framework for transportation data direction (GTDM).
-- International transportation basic information model
Global access control model for data
-- Worldwide transport function monitor data model
-- A control and detection network information model that permits information exchange between different applications.
This record details the basic data courses in a Worldwide Transport Data Format (GTDF) and their ability to be processed. The IEEE 1609.2 certificates describe the application and roles-based access control to GTDF sources. This document describes GTDM as an ITS S capability. It's an attribute that is optional. ISO 24102-6 defines ITS-capabilities. GT access control (GTAC) is the data model that defines access rights for functions as well as data control, by defining a the role-based mechanism. The GT function monitor model defines how to create flow logic that tracks the functions. The analysis of data parameters relative to a limit. This abstract provides a range of technical specifications that can help you to ensure that you're aware of the importance and significance of this standard. This abstract provides guidelines on how to select the most suitable document for your company. You can also follow the link to our site for guidance from experts on international standard selection in case you're unsure of the technical aspects.
Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)- Guidelines on the usage of standards- Part 1: Standardization landscape and releases (ISO/TR 21186-1:2021) CEN ISO/TR 21186-1:2021.
Global standardization is used in many instances to regulate human actions in the setting up of mechanisms and introduce new technologies. However, it's crucial that other documents are made clear by global documents. CEN ISO / TR 21861-1 : 2021 is one instance.
This record
This document provides a clear explanation of the standardization activities regarding C-ITS at a global scale by important standard developing organisations (SDOs);
Explains the various purposes of deliverables of SDOs and offers an approach to classifying the SDO files.
This article explains C-ITS service introduction and its use.
-- This article identifies the best way to make C-ITS available and illustrates the.
-- Offers a list (Bibliography) of standards that is relevant to CITS.
If your company follows international standards when it comes to controlling transportation systems, this standard can be extremely beneficial. The document will outline the requirements and ways to use different documents.
Public transport- Interoperable fare system Part 1 Architecture (ISO 24014-1.2021) EN ISO 24014-1.2021
Public transport is widely used to transport people. It is important that you realize that public transportation can significantly impact the lives of individuals and must be controlled by legally binding rules such as EN ISO 24014-1: 2021.
This document gives instructions for the development of multi-operator/multi-service interoperable public surface (like subways) transportation fare management methods (IFMSs) on a national and global level. This document is for public transportation authorities and other related services that agree to permit their systems to cooperate. This document provides a framework for conceptualization that is independent from organizational and physical implementation. This document does not refer to physical or organizational execution. This document defines a reference function structure (IFMS) and outlines requirements that allow interoperability among multiple celebrities who use digital tickets.
The IFMS is a complete instrument that can be used to cover every aspect of the process of managing fare.
Management of media
Software management
Direction of Merchandise
-- Identification and description of the functions that are linked to the overall IFMS, media and services from the other systems that work with the fare management software
An IFMS's generic model IFMS which describes the functional, logical and logical interfaces it has with other IFMSs.
Use cases that describe how data flows between various purposes.
Safety standards
This document doesn't define:
-- The specialized aspects and interface between devices with a medium-sized access (medium)
Information exchanges between medium access and medium level apparatus
NOTICE: Information exchanges are suggested by standardization commissions that are not a part of medium access apparatus and medium access apparatus.
Financial aspects of the fare-management system (e.g. Customer payments, methods of settlement, settlement, reconciliation
Take note that the document contains restricted subcategories, amendments and modifications. It's not suitable for every situation. We suggest you thoroughly study its guidelines and the characteristics.
Standardization would be the best way to develop a company.
Before the development of international standards, global standardization of transport systems was essential. These standards provided an engineering basis to design the whole system. Be aware that transportation technologies are in charge of the safety and security of an individual. If you are building a business that is incorporating these technologies, it is vital to limit the risks. It is essential to stay up with all changes, not only those that have been released in the past to make sure you are up to date with market trends and other suggestions.


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