Author Topic: Why are more Singapore restaurants serving non-alcoholic beverages?  (Read 54 times)


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Why are more Singapore restaurants serving non-alcoholic beverages?

Lauded for its ability to elevate the dining experience, the pairing of a fine meal with a curated array of mouthwatering beverages has in fact grown to embrace an increasingly creative selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink alternatives.

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The pleasure after all remains a subjective one, so increasing the quantity and quality of drink choices makes good business sense – particularly when the restaurant’s cuisine is best expressed in a multi-course showcase of creative dishes.

Common sense also dictates that the more diverse the palate the restaurant has to work with, the easier it would be for its sommelier to recommend a truly complementary outcome; and maybe even surprise a few diners.

The process of developing a suitable programme though is less straightforward. We can, for example, appreciate how the astringency of tannins in a beautifully structured wine pair well with proteins and fat.

We also know that the body of a good wine – determined in part by the amount of alcohol in the wine – plays an equally important role, and that too can be matched by an alcohol-free concoction. But replacing wine with a suitable zero proof nip is a complex process.