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types of pharaonic stone
« on: September 17, 2021, 05:56:25 PM »
types of pharaonic stone

There are many different types of pharaonic stones, which differ in shape, color and method of installation, and from the pharaonic stone,
There is more than one form that can be installed and more than one type or installed in the facades of houses and from Pharaonic stone:

Pharaonic stone, including beveled, braided, smooth, and other types according to the shape of the stone

pure white pharaonic stone
The pharaonic stone is a white stone, but the degree of whiteness is not as bright as the white Hashemite stone
Azazi, despite the main color of the pharaonic white stone, can be installed with this shape Egyptian brick

So that its cost is less than the Italian tiles and also less than the Turkish plastic tiles.

Pharaonic stone and mica
One of the most beautiful designs that can be entered with a Hashemi stone or the introduction of Mica stone with it in decorating and finishing the facades of villas,
Homes and stone Mica is one of the finest raw materials for moisture-resistant and heat-insulating stones, and it is gray in color.

Pharaonic and Hashemi stone
Hashemi stone Inserting and inlaying the facades with pieces of Hashemi stone to give a different and beautiful shape,

Decorative finishing of facades from the outside and it has many forms of ornaments that suit Pharaonic stone and its prices are all shapes and designs and wool. We show you pictures of the desired shape.

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