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Preparing a lesson on plant growth, science subject, for the first grade of primary school

Objectives of the study of plant growth:

To introduce the student to the flower.
To differentiate between a seed and a fruit
List the parts of the seed
Have the student draw the parts of a seed
Explain to the student how a plant grows

General objectives of teaching science:

Consolidation of the Islamic faith in the hearts of the student.
Helping the student to gain practical facts and concepts in a functional manner.
Helping the student acquire and develop the appropriate mental skills in a functional manner.
Helping the student to acquire appropriate attitudes, values ​​and habits in a functional manner.
Helping the student to acquire appropriate scientific and practical skills in a functional manner.
Helping the student to taste science and appreciate scientists and their role in the advancement of science.

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Primary objectives of the primary stage:

Pledge the correct Islamic belief in the learner's soul and care for an integrated Islamic education in: his character, his body, his mind, his language, and his belonging to the nation of Islam.
Training him to establish prayer and take him with etiquette and virtues.
Develop various basic skills, especially language skill, numerical skill, and motor skills.
Provide him with the appropriate amount of information on various topics.
Introducing him to the blessings of God upon him in himself, and in his social and geographical environment in order to make better use of the blessings, and benefit himself and his environment.
Raising his creative taste, undertaking his innovative activity and developing his appreciation of manual work.
Develop his awareness so that he realizes his duties and rights within the limits of his age and the characteristics of the stage he is going through, and instilling love for his country and devotion to his guardians.
Generate his desire to increase useful knowledge and righteous deeds, and train him to take advantage of his spare time.
Preparing the learner for what follows this stage of his life.
Introduce students to the basics of classifying elements in the modern periodic table.
Students' comparison of the characteristics of groups and cycles with the modern periodic table.
Provide students with information related to water and its physical and chemical properties.
Familiarize students with water pollutants, their harms, and methods of conserving water from pollution.
Introduce students to the layers of the atmosphere, their characteristics, and the importance of each layer.
Introduce students to the impact of pollutants on the ozone layer and the methods and means of preserving the ozone layer.
Introduce students to the importance of diversity and adaptation in living organisms for survival and protection.
Introduce students to the concept and importance of fossils.
Introduce students to the concept of extinction and examples of extinct and endangered species.
Familiarize students with ways to protect living organisms from extinction and the impact of extinction on the ecological balance.
Familiarize students with the types of forces and motion and the types of waves.
Introduce students to the wave nature of sound and light and the natural phenomena related to light reflection and refraction.
Introducing students to the process of reproduction in plants and humans and some diseases of the reproductive system and their prevention.
Developing students' skills in conducting simple scientific experiments from environmental raw materials.
Develop students' skill in obtaining information from different sources.
To teach students the skills of cooperative and team work.
Developing students' positive attitudes towards science and scientists, and emphasizing the ethics of science and scientific research.
Developing students' thinking, research, reflection and self-evaluation skills.
Providing students with self and continuous learning skills.

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