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Tips to treat the problem of water leakage
There are several tips that help us treat the problem of water leaks, which many face, and among these tips we find the following:

We must search for the source that led to the leakage, by inspecting all parts of the roof, searching for places that contain water gatherings, and checking the sewage pipes, as well as the sides of the building itself.
We must also take care of filling the cracks, and take care of cleaning the entire surface before we fill the cracks.
We must also take care of the maintenance of the surface on a regular basis, in order to preserve it from the occurrence of leaks.
Injectable epoxy that helps treat leakage
We find that epoxy injection helps in the problem of leakage, and it treats this problem, and we use it through several steps, which are as follows:

To clean the concrete completely using a broom, in order to get rid of all the dust, and dirt that is on it.
We must also drain ponds that contain water or pools that contain water.
After that, we prepare the epoxy putty, and this putty is a putty that is used because it works to fill the cracks and gaps that exist in the surface.
We put this putty in the cracks, pressing it with the thumb with the plunger of the epoxy syringe.
We fill the cracks with this putty completely, and leave it there until it becomes hard.
We put another layer of epoxy on the cracks that are filled with epoxy, and we bring a chisel to remove the excess layer.
Next, we smooth the epoxy layer using a paper called sandpaper.
How to solve the problem of leakage from inside the house
Sometimes it is difficult for us to reach the roof of the house in order to treat the leaks, and in this case we must fix the leaks from inside the house, and this method is easy, and we can do it, but it is a temporary solution to the problem, and this is done through several steps, namely as follows:

To determine the place where there is a leak in the ceiling from inside the house.
Then we shine the light of the lamp on the ceiling, to look for any holes or cracks in the ceiling, or even dark or changing colors.
Then we mark these places that contain cracks or holes with a chalk pen, in order to make it easier for us to reach them for repair.
And we put the paste on the places that cause leakage, but we must stay away from wet places, and wait until it dries completely.
We bring a glue gun, to help us plug the holes in the surface, and we use a putty knife, so that we can spread the glue on the holes.
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